Harriet Tubman Wins Stupid Online Poll to Be on $20, Media Declares National Consensus
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If you think this is a stupid idea, you are a racist and a sexist and we will get you fired

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Occasionally, one gets the feeling that the Main Stream Media doesn't actually do anything but reprint the press releases of various lefty organizations, the more asinine the better. Thus, following the results of an online poll in which Harriet Tubman defeated Eleanor Roosevelt by 118,328 votes to 111,227, one Dawn Dugle at USA Today screeched, "America wants Harriet Tubman on $20 bill" [May 12, 2015].

Actually, one random activist organization generating clickbait content for an increasingly frivolous MSM wants Tubman on the $20. And the reason it wants Tubman on the $20 is because she was black and because it is a useful way to remind everyone of how evil, racist, and guilty America has always been.

Will this image be staring up from your wallet anytime soon?  Probably. What's to stop Obama from declaring it so? As the USA Today article points out,

It doesn't take an "Act of Congress" - it just requires the Secretary of the Treasury to make the change.

That man is Jack Lew, appointed by President Obama, and confirmed by the Senate in 2013.

Women on 20s hopes the more than 600,000 voters in the online campaign will convince the President to use his influence and make it happen.

America made Obama President because he was black (though it didn't make his wife any happier). America may soon make Hillary Clinton President because she's a woman. Why not put Tubman on the $20 because she's a black woman?

The historic American nation could use the reminder they are ruled by people that despise them. Clumsy Soviet style agitprop may just be what Middle America to awaken to its occupation and remember who is actually responsible for creating and sustaining this country.

Andrew Jackson, a war hero, a populist, a strong leader, and an opponent of centralized power (and central banking) to boot, doesn't really have the same appeal anymore. He actually did things, possessed agency, and strengthened the country.

Today, the way to be famous, moral, and powerful is to claim things you could never have created yourself and display your weakness and ineptitude as a moral claim on the accomplishments of others. It's not that Andrew Jackson doesn't fit modern America. It's that modern America doesn't deserve Andrew Jackson.

Only President Polk can compete

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