DRUDGE Stresses Key Trump Immigration Point: "Clinton wants to be America’s Angela Merkel"
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H/T Pic donsuber.blogspot.com

The Drudge Report has just been able to post the news that in July it had the biggest viewership in its 21-year history, with 1,472,220,000 page views.

There is a simple reason for this. Drudge provides its readers with news items they want and need to see, with the presentation frequently much improved by incisive headlines. The MSM prefers to supply the news it thinks suitable for the serfs, burying if not completely repressing the rest.

A classic case of this occurred today with the full center post ‘America’s Merkel’ which links to the drably-headlined Trump: ‘The Time Is Overdue To Develop A New Screening Test CBSNewYork August 15 2016.

Drudge has cut through the noise to the key assertion:

Trump warned that Clinton’s immigration policy would be the same as Germany’s.

“Hillary Clinton wants to be America’s Angela Merkel and you know what a disaster this massive immigration has been to Germany and the people of Germany,” Trump said. “It is a catastrophe.”

This assessment of the Democratic policy is absolutely correct as Peter Brimelow discussed in Have You Seen This? Clinton Stovepipes Her Plan To Go Full Merkel To Black And Hispanic Journalists.

In the Spring I wondered Hillary’s “No Borders” Policy Or The Donald’s Wall? Do The Democrats Really Want To Ask America? The answer is they don’t, and they are relying on their MSM friends to prevent the question being posed.

To this act of fraud the Drudge Report, and patriotic webzines like VDARE.com, are as a practical matter the only obstacle.

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