Diversity Is Our Strength: Rushdie Knife Suspect Is Shia Muslim Who Supports Iran
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The Leftist media are telling us that Hadi Matar, accused of trying to murder Salman Rushdie, is a “New Jersey man,” but that claim is doubtful if what has appeared on Twitter is true. At least one post claims he’s from southern Lebanon, which is controlled by the Hezbollah terror outfit.

“The suspect, 24-year-old Hadi Matar, is from New Jersey, according to authorities,” JBC New York’s Joshua Goodman reported:

His last listed address was in Fairview, a Bergen County borough just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. FBI officials were seen going into the home of Matar Friday evening.

State Police Maj. Eugene Staniszewski said the motive for the stabbing was unclear. A preliminary law enforcement review of Matar’s social media accounts shows he is sympathetic to Shia extremism and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps causes, a law enforcement person with direct knowledge of the investigation told NBC News. There are no definitive links to the IRGC but the initial assessment indicates he is sympathetic to the Iranian government group, the official says.

[Who Is Hadi Matar? NJ Man Suspected in Salman Rushdie Attack Had Shia Extremist Sympathies, August 12, 2022]

All true, perhaps, except the claim that Matar is from New Jersey.

Newsmax’s Walid Phares reports that he’s from Lebanon:

According to public information, attacker of @SalmanRushdie  in New York, is Iran supporter #HadiMatar, from New Jersey. Immigrated from #Hezbollah-controlled south #Lebanon.

Facebook locked Matar’s account, but a screen shot of his page shows “what ideology he has been followeing; Two mullahs, one of whom issued a fatwa on Rushdi’s [sic] murder, and the other confirmed and extended it!”

Here’s another:

But whether Matar is a recent immigrant, or the child of immigrants, doesn’t much matter. His origin will become clear soon enough. This does matter: the Shia Muslim’s allegiance is to Iran, and he took the 33-year-old order to murder Rushdie for The Satanic Verses quite seriously.

At the time, Pat Buchanan opened a column on the fatwa this way: “If the ayatollah has his way, the last sound the trendy leftist Salman Rushdie will hear is the swish of a scimitar.”

Rushdie didn’t hear the swish of a scimitar. But he did feel the blade of a knife plunge into his neck, courtesy of U.S. immigration policy and the idea that “diversity is our strength.”

It appears diversity might be the death of Rushdie.

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