Derb In TakiMag: Sounds Of Seagulls And Surf
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My weekly column at Taki’s Magazine is up.  In it I imagine myself the guest (i.e. the “castaway”) on the evergreen British Radio program Desert Island Discs.
My own chances of appearing on DID were never great, but are now receding in sync with my hairline. Still, for posterity in general, and my children in particular, I should like to have my choices on record. Since the BBC is never going to do the recording job, it’ll have to be Takimag.
Read the whole thing at Taki’s Magazine.

Erratum.  I misremembered the lines from Alan Sherman’s song “The Drinking Man’s Diet.”  They should be:

For dinner a nice scotch and soda— Now that oughta help you to lose. No whipped cream, no butter, Just lay [sic] in the gutter And booze, booze, booze.
Note to self:  Stop quoting from memory.  Your memory’s shot, pal.
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