NumbersUSA And NRO Commenter On Defeating The CROmnibus Vote For Obamnesty Today
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NumbersUSA has been Tweeting heavily on the upcoming CRominibus vote not defunding Obamnesty, and urging its members to call Congress.

National Review Online is editorializing on the same subject, and one of the commenters there says this:

This editorial is a waste of ink. Federal elections are about one thing only: who gets to chair the appropriations committee. Republican spending is little different than democrat spending. Boehner and McConnell are little different than Pelosi and Reid.

We've been told for six years that things will be different if only Republicans could retake the Senate. Remember, that was why it was important to shut Cruz down last year.

Now Republicans have the Senate. What is different? Nothing.

Good point. Why is it necessary for Republicans to make all these urgent call to members of their own party to keep them from surrendering to Obama, after an election where they retook the Senate in part because of immigration? See Ann Coulter: Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP.
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