September 18, 2017, 01:29 PM
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Some good news: We surpassed our goal in support of John Derbyshire at!

I would like to send out a wholehearted thank you to everyone who donated to refill the John Derbyshire Fund—with a special thank-you to a particular donor who offered a wonderfully motivating $10,000 matching grant. We not only met our goal of $36,000, we surpassed in bringing in a total of $49,454!


Even aside from the John Derbyshire Fund, there is a noticeable surge in investment in the Patriotic Immigration Reform movement these days. Not only financial, but also in readership, energy and creativity, you all are digging deep. In the short term at least, the post-Charlottesville Reign Of Terror has given us the gift of electrifying our audience.

I only pray that your enthusiasm has staying power as the handicaps imposed on us by the Treason Lobby make your support increasingly less convenient to deliver.

In the meantime, from Peter and myself, and on behalf of John Derbyshire, thank you very, very much!