Will Dreamer Wilding Of Pelosi Diminish Democrat Support?
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If you want to know what happens when you give squatter’s rights to an unassimilable alien population, exhibit No. 1 is what happened to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California leftist , at a press conference today.

"Dreamers" swarmed the event, shouted and screamed, and drive her from the stage. So, the “Dreamers” have gone from swarming our streets and protesting with Mexican flags to openly physically intimidating one of the prominent and powerful elected officials in the country.

As Powerline noted, “Many Americans are sympathetic to the ‘DREAMers’ and favor a resolution of their status that allows them to remain in the U.S. The more people who see videos like this, the less support the ‘DREAMers’ will have.”

Maybe, but the question is whether this eye-opener will lessen the support “Dreamers” have from Democrats.

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