Cultural Marxism In Action: NYT On London's LD50 And Peter Brimelow
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In this story about Lucia Diego's threatened LD50 gallery that I wrote about recently, the protesters are going farther than conservatives objecting to blasphemy ever have—they're trying to close an independent art gallery for unclean associations:
Her critics say Ms. Diego is up to something more nefarious. A Facebook page for the exhibition included an emblem of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, a South African neo-Nazi group. Last summer, the gallery hosted web-based talks with speakers like Peter Brimelow, an author who advocates restricting immigration, and Brett Stevens, a right-wing blogger who has spoken admiringly of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian white supremacist who killed 77 people in a 2011 attack.

London Gallery Ld50’s Alt-Right Show Should Be Its Last, Critics Say, By Christopher D. Shea, February 25, 2017.

There's no link to prove Brett Stevens said anything like that, it sounds like the sort of second-hand "telephone game" thing you get from the SPLC. But supposing he did, London is full of people who have, and continue to, speak admiringly of Al Qaeda and ISIS. They're called Muslims.

Further, look at the attempt at guilt by association here— editor Peter Brimelow wants to restrict immigration, the position of a supermajority of American voters and their most recently elected president, so he's supposed to be equivalent to a guy who (allegedly) admires a mass murderer. is  opposed to  mass murder, and the phenomenon of Immigrant Mass Murder is one of our reasons for wanting to restrict immigration.

In an amazing escalation of Cultural Marxism in the art world, protest organizer Andrew Osborne [Email him]  said he favored shutting the gallery.

Mr. Osborne, one of the organizers of the “Shut Down LD50” protest, said that at first the gallery’s provocations were read as irony, but that anger at the gallery and at Ms. Diego mounted after Ms. Jung shared the Facebook message. He allowed that the art world can also be an insular one where people are afraid of speaking out for fear of recrimination, or of sullying their reputation.

Mr. Osborne said he favored shutting the gallery. Asked if that would amount to censorship, Mr. Osborne, a fine art technician at the Royal College of Art, replied: “Hate speech isn’t free speech, and it in fact undermines free speech.”

Ms. Diego said that she had planned to open her next show in early March, but now is unsure whether she can continue to keep the gallery open. Her landlord, she said, was disturbed by the developments. She noted that the police had advised her to stay indoors.

Why is she being threatened?

The offenses are apparently that she allowed Peter Brimelow to speak via Skype to the gallery patrons (audio below) :

A exhibition that included a collage with comments like this:


The same exhibition included a picture of Pepe the Frog, a harmless frog notable for being denounced by name by Hillary Clinton—see Steve Sailer's post Old Lady Yells at Frog; to be Fair, the Frog Started It.

It's ridiculous, and as I suggested above, London protesters concerned about hate would do better to march on some place like the Finsbury Park Mosque.

They would do better, but they would not be as safe as they are marching against one Spanish lady who's been told to stay indoors by the police.




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