Guilt By Association In London: Peter Brimelow And Art Gallery LD50
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On August, 2016, Peter Brimelow spoke to a group in London via Skype, a group physically gathered at London art gallery LD50.

We posted the audio (below).

Now LD50 is being attacked by the Cultural Marxist Left, who are extraordinarily powerful in the London art scene, and for that matter, in Great Britain. People like this imagine that they're speaking "truth to power" in the phrase made famous by the mendacious Anita Hill. Actually, of course, they're speaking power to truth:

LD50: Protesters to march on Dalston art gallery that hosted alt-right exhibition

By Sam Gelder, Hackney Gazette, February 20, 2017

People are calling for the closure of a 'neo-Nazi', 'fascist', 'alt right' gallery in east London,

 By Eddy Frankel,, February 20 2017

Is it OK to Punch a Nazi (Art Gallery)?

By O.D. Untermesh,, February 16, 2017

Art gallery criticised over neo-Nazi artwork and hosting racist speakers

By Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian,  February 22, 2017

All this is really, really fake news. The Guardian has a picture of David Duke—taken thirteen years ago in Louisiana—because, they say "One gallery audience member professed support" for Duke.

The LD50 Gallery has no connection with us, neither we nor they have any connection with David Duke, nor do any of us have any neo-Nazi connections.  I would like to call on the Guardian in particular to disavow Mr. Duke, since it's they, not we, who are promoting him. A Google Search of the Guardian website shows almost 800 references to a man who was never very relevant, and who is only being used by them to bash Trump and other patriotic Americans.

I don't suppose these people can be called off by any appeals to liberty of conscience or freedom of speech, but they should take care. I know a lawyer in London who has a regular practice in suing left-wing news organizations for libeling right-wingers.

Their left-wing news organizations keep having to pay up, because something about the sight of a right-winger makes them abandon all normal British libel law safety practices—and they simply can't bring themselves to apologize.


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