Complain To Erick Erickson On Limbaugh Show About Gelding Of REDSTATE
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RedState misleading GOP supporters

Our trusty Talk Radio Listener reports that Mark Steyn, filling in for the irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh today, said that Thursday's substitute will be Erick Erickson.

If so, may I suggest to energetic friends that they call the show and demand that Erickson account for the shockingly steep recent deterioration in political quality at his RedState site? That they purged Daniel Horowitz, easily their most important and effective writer, is bad enough, but Erickson himself has mainly spent the past few weeks mumbling about religion – the contrast with his earlier work is pitiful.

Over the past week, putting aside a lot of bellicosity about the Middle East, the most important items the site carried were both significantly bad. Race: A Conservative View by ‘Jake’ August 29th 2014 is a pompous and puerile ramble with absurd howlers at its core:

...the Conservative…in light of advances in genetic research… has come to see race less as an issue of biology and more of a social construct..."

which then compounded this nonsense up by reverentially quoting the obsolete Genetics PC Enforcer Richard Lewontin.

Will Obama Throw Republicans Into the Briar Patch on Amnesty? September 3rd 2013 by RedState’s Commissar Leon H. Wolf, by contrast, is seriously evil. Purporting to be a reply to Screw Politics, Obama Should Act On Deportations as Soon as Possible By Brian Beutler New Republic September 2, 2014, this is in fact an effort to lull RedState readers into complacency by alleging the President will not dare take the risk.

What has happened is clear. The Neocons have asserted tight control over RedState. Any Generic American Party tendencies are to be stamped out by employing the Hitler’s Revenge veto. The stratagem they used to engineer the loss of California is to be deployed about Administrative Amnesty: tell the Peasants that there is no problem, then instantly switch to saying nothing can be done.

Quite possibly Limbaugh’s call screeners will protect Erickson tomorrow. But this is a highly professional operation and Limbaugh knows a lot about GOP undercurrents. Questioning RedState’s Conservative and Patriot credentials will be noted.

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