Redstate Lays Down the Law on Nicknames for McCain and Bush
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Over at "Redstate" website, a ruling has been laid down to regulate the use of nicknames for open borders zealots such as John McCain and George W. Bush.

In an edict entitled "And Now a Word for our Commenters" (subtitled "Racism is not Welcome at Redstate"),Leon H. Wolf solemnly pontificates:

Here's the deal: we know that many of you are upset with McCain and/or Bush, and that many of you are/were upset about immigration. That's fine. We also know that many of you are fond of using what you consider to be clever variations on McCain's name: McAmnesty, McPain, McInsane, etc. We think that's extraordinarily lame, but within the bounds of the rules.
OK, so they will permit some nicknames. But not others:
What is not fine, okay, or within the bounds of the rules, is to use Latino names as an insult. We are speaking, specifically, of "Jorge Arbusto" and "Juan McCain," although it's certainly possible that others are floating out there or may yet be invented.
And why is that, exactly?
Allow me to clue anyone who thinks these names are funny or clever in to something: racism isn't clever or funny. If you think you've really zinged someone by calling them (sic) by a Latino name, that's a pretty reliable (nearly infallible, in fact) indicator that you don't like Latino people.
I disagree that the use of such names is an indicator of being "anti-Latino". Frankly, I find the designation "Jorge Arbusto" funny, clever, and quite appropriate, given our president's open intention to Mexicanize the United States. You could also object to the use of "McPain" which could be offensive to those in chronic pain, or "McInsane", which could be offensive to the mentally ill. But Redstate will have none of the bad behavior permitted on other, less enlightened websites:
I know that many of you may come from other corners of the internets where this sort of thing is everyday fare, but be advised, it will not fly at RedState. If you want to complain vociferously about McCain, Bush, or anyone else's position on immigration, you may certainly do so, but if you can't do it in a way that doesn't indicate your disdain for Latino people, then you should probably do it elsewhere. Because you will just get banned for doing it here.
The Redstate edict closes with this:
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
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