CNN: Here's A Giant Marco McMillian Story With No New News!
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From CNN last month, the opening of an 18-page article:

Mysterious Mississippi murder stokes suspicions bred by an ugly past  

July 22, 2013

Beaten. Dragged. Burned. 

The words leave attorney Daryl Parks' lips like a barrage of gunfire in the sanctuary of Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church, where people have gathered not for prayer but for answers. 

Some wear "Justice for Marco" T-shirts. They are enraged over the investigation into the death of Marco McMillian, a young black gay mayoral candidate, whose broken body was discovered dumped downhill from a Mississippi River levee on February 26. 

Parks' words suggest the most heinous of murders. Here in the Mississippi Delta, they conjure even more: a chilling history of racial hatred.

Except that back in February a blood-covered young black man named Lawrence Reed, who was driving McMillian's stolen car, confessed to multiple witnesses that he had just murdered McMillian with his wallet chain.

They just can't admit defeat, can they?

What's next? A Michael Moore documentary about the Oberlin KKK rally?

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