CBP Source: Biden Is Releasing Well More Than 40 Percent Of Illegals Detained At Border
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Based on records in the Texas v. Biden case, VDARE has reported that Traitor Joe Biden has customarily released about 40 percent of the illegals caught at the border. Given last fiscal year’s almost 2.4 million apprehensions, 40 percent would be 960,000. So by now, the figure is well past 1 million. But a source inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection told me that “the 40% number being released into the US is low.”

“Known and unknown got aways are not counted and outside of Title 42 expulsions to Mexico, which currently only apply to a small subset of the current crossers, there is simply not enough physical or budgetary capability to remove those kinds of numbers,” he wrote in an email:

If the border wide numbers rise significantly higher than they are now, there is 0 physical capacity to even begin to process them all, even in the most perfunctory sense of programs like Parole + that simply document got aways. 

The source did not estimate what percentage of those encountered are released.

A report from the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli shows that my source is spot on.

A holding facility at the border is well beyond its 1,400-man capacity, and so illegals are now housed outside in 35-degree weather.

“A massive Border Patrol facility in El Paso erected to ensure immigrants were not detained outside has blown past its four-figure capacity, leaving hundreds of people to face near-freezing temperatures outdoors,” Giaritell reported:

The Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector Central Processing Center was completed in 2020, while former President Donald Trump was still in office. It is legally permitted to hold 1,040 people inside. As of Tuesday morning, the CPC was at capacity with another 700 people outside, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman authorized to speak with the press.

[Border Patrol facility in El Paso overwhelmed, 700 immigrants outside in near-freezing temperatures, December 13, 2022]

Border agents have said they expect 18,000 encounters a day after Biden lifts Title 42 public-health expulsions. Sources recently told Fox News’s Bill Melugin they expect 15,000.

Either way, Traitor Joe gave the Treason Lobby and the Wall Street Journal what they have always wanted: open borders.

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