California Democrat Resigns Over Sex Scandal—Could Ilhan Omar Be Next?
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California Rep. Katie Hill is resigning over an embarrassing sex scandal. Damning allegations of affairs with staffers emerged last week against Rep. Hill, along with a host of lurid photos. [Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid ethics probe into reported affair with staffer, by Talia Kaplan, Fox News, October 27, 2019]

Before her tawdry downfall, the 32-year-old Hill was a liberal darling hailed as one of the Democrats’ star young lawmakers. Unlike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the Squad, she was relatively moderate on immigration. She at least believed we should have a “strong border” while the progressive left believes we shouldn’t have a wall at all. But, like all Democrats, she supported a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants and opposed the White House’s request for more border funding. [LA-area Rep. Katie Hill takes case against border-wall funding to the public, by Kevin Modesti, Daily News, January 7, 2019]

Patriots shouldn’t mourn Hill’s departure. She’s just another progressive who abused her power and wants to sell out America.

It should be noted that another Democrat loved by the media may suffer the same downfall. Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is also going through a divorce and there’s a good chance serious dirt may emerge. Hill’s affairs were revealed through her divorce proceedings. [Ilhan Omar files for divorce from husband Ahmed Hirsi amid affair allegations, by Ebony Bowden and Nikki Schwab, New York Post, October 7, 2019]

Omar is already credibly accused of engaging in an affair with a political consultant hired by her campaign. The Somali congresswoman has repeatedly denied the affair in spite of the evidence saying otherwise.

Liberals claimed more female lawmakers would cut down on sexual misconduct. Hill and Omar prove that claim wrong.


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