California Beheading Suspect Raped Someone In 2012. Of Course, He Wasn’t Deported
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Court records show that California illegal-alien beheading suspect Jose Solano Landaeta is a rapist whose record was erased after he completed a court-ordered rehabilitation program. Landaeta is charged with beheading Karina Castro in broad daylight in front of her two kids.

But Landaeta, who overstayed a visa by 10 years, is more than a samurai sword-wielding maniac:

In 2012, he was accused of rape with an unconscious person and was sentenced to a reduced charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a victim more than three years younger. He served three years on probation and successfully completed required programming, after which the charge was expunged. …

Lt. Eamonn Allen, a public information officer for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, said the “suspect was known to law enforcement.”

[San Carlos woman who was reportedly beheaded feared for her life, friends say, by Annie Vainshtein and Joel Umanzor, San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 2022]

“Landaeta was arrested in the summer of 2012 for raping an unconscious person under 18,” Emily Mibach of Palo Alto’s Daily Post reported:

He took a plea bargain in which he was convicted of statutory rape, court records show.

As a result, he was admitted to the county’s Pathways Program, which is the county’s mental health treatment court. He was discharged from the program in 2017, according to court records.

[Lawyer says client accused in beheading might be insane, September 12, 2022]

A possible reason for the beheading?

Castro threatened “to tell the world about Solano’s criminal record that includes a rape conviction involving a minor,” and Landaeta called her a “snitch lip.” And, he told her, “F*** around and find out” [EXCLUSIVE: Contentious Snapchat messages may shed light on days leading up to San Carlos beheading, by Daniel Noyes, ABC7News, September 9, 2022].

In April, a court commissioner signed two restraining orders to keep Landaeta away from Castro and her kids, one of whom was Landaeta’s. 

Add all this up: An illegal Venezuelan overstayed a visa by 10 years and raped someone and was not deported. Last year, prosecutors charged him with domestic violence and disturbing the peace. He pleaded guilty to the latter, but the crime led to two restraining orders. Still, he was not deported.

So three presidents and their immigration officials, along with state and local authorities, share the blame for Castro’s death. If he had been deported 10 years ago, Karina Castro would be alive.

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