By their fruits...
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Twelve of the 46 Republican Senators voted for cloture on S.1639 today. That is, in support of a bill which would very likely have set the seal on America’s transformation into a Third World Spanish-speaking slum. They deserve to be remembered. Most have been noticed by in the past.

Robert Bennett Utah

Larry Craig Idaho

Lindsey Graham South Carolina

Judd Gregg New Hampshire

Chuck Hagel Nebraska

Jon Kyl Arizona

Trent Lott Mississippi

Richard Lugar Indiana

Mel Martinez Florida

John McCain Arizona

Olympia Snowe Maine

Arlen Specter Pennsylvania

Special mention should be made of Sam Brownback, of Kansas, who first voted for cloture and then changed his mind on seeing it was losing. (Hat tip, A Certain Slant of Light)

In time it will become clear how the very considerable credit due to those patriots who defeated this measure should be apportioned. Alabama’s Jeff Sessions was clearly a hero. So, refreshingly, was South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, barely featured here in the past.

By their fruits ye shall know them

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