Funny things happen on the way to the Presidency
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Funny what running for President does to a man. The Washington Times reported yesterday: Brownback rescinds immigration bill support by Stephen Dinan April 26 2007

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback said yesterday he no longer supports the immigration overhaul bill that he helped pass in the Senate.

"I would not vote for the same bill," Mr. Brownback told reporters yesterday morning, saying that after the bill passed the Senate he had a chance to study its effects and decided it led to too much immigration.

It's a major reversal for a man who is listed as one of seven original sponsors of the bill, along with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, who spearheaded the bill.

Vote first, think afterwards - Hmmm. ”Major” is a huge understatement. Sam Brownback has a catastrophic immigration voting record: Recent and Career ”D” according to Americans for Better Immigration — which seems generous to me if you look at his actual record. And, of course, he has not gone unnoticed by — in fact, we have noticed him quite a lot.

Sceptics wll note that Brownback dodged when asked about the disastrous ”Birthright citizenship” misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment:

Mr. Brownback refused to take a position on whether to rescind "birthright citizenship," which allows automatic citizenship to children born in the United States, even if their parents are illegal aliens. Mr. Brownback said he is not willing to say whether he supports rescinding what he calls the "anchor baby proposal" because he thinks it is protected by the Constitution and can't be changed by law. Still, he acknowledged "a fudge" on the issue, saying he would still look at proposals.

Brownback gives the impression of being a man who really believed in the Open Borders mantra. There is absolutely no reason for him to waver except cold electoral reality. Immigration patriots should take heart.

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