Brookings: One Troublesome Fact NOT to Know on World Population Day—The Vast African Population Boom
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From the Brookings Institution:

10 useful facts to know on World Population Day

Amanda Waldron Wednesday, July 11, 2018

1. The global population is rising fast now, but is expected to peak by 2070 …

2. A majority of the world’s population could soon be middle- or upper-class …

3. China’s population is expected to age rapidly between now and 2050

4. Rapid depopulation threatens Russia’s economy

5. Egypt’s population boom could pose regional or even global dangers

6. Urban populations are declining in developed economies

7. 2016 population growth in the U.S. was the lowest in 80 years

8. Young minorities are driving much of the population growth in the United States, especially in cities

9. America’s aging population is straining the federal budget

10. If every woman in the world received a secondary education, the population could be 3 billion less by 2050

And here’s One Fact Not to Know: Africa. In this article on world population, the text string “Africa” never appears.

The “global dangers” posed by “Egypt’s population boom” are singled out, but the vast African population boom goes unmentioned.

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