British Oscars Announce News Steps To Increase Plaques For Blacks
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Since the indigenous peoples of the British Isles have never been very good at acting, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts is taking steps to insure more Plaques for Blacks:

BAFTA Takes Steps on Diversity, After All-White, All-Male Shortlists

Voters in Britain’s version of the Oscars will have to take unconscious bias training, and there will be a quota for women in the first round of voting for best director.

By Alex Marshall
Sept. 24, 2020

LONDON — The world’s major movie awards are trying to put a stop to the all-white, all-male shortlists their voting members frequently draw up….

Starting with the awards in 2021, all 6,700 voting members of BAFTA will have to undergo unconscious bias training before casting any ballots.

… For best director, for example, half of the spots on the 20-person longlist will go to women. For the acting prizes, the longlist will be selected by a hybrid of member votes and jury selection, before the nominees and the winner are determined by the membership in the following rounds.

… Actors will also only be allowed to be longlisted once in each acting category to prevent a recurrence of this year’s events, when Margot Robbie was nominated twice for the best supporting actress award, and no people of color were.

You might almost believe that Margot Robbie represents an unusual combination of beauty and acting talent that makes her the most sought-after actress by the best directors at the current moment, but, of course, it’s really just her White Privilege.

… “This is a watershed moment,” Krishnendu Majumdar, BAFTA’s chair, said on Thursday, in a news release announcing the changes. “This creative renewal is not just about changes to the awards,” he added. “This is a reappraisal of our values.”

I.e., we now value race and sex over performance.

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