Bishop Aids Immigrant Priest`s Escape to Mexico
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June 23, 2006, 06:54 PM
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The hits just keep on coming from Vaticrats taking up space in America. The latest is the Sonoma child-abusing priest who was given a substantial head start from Bishop Daniel Walsh to escape U.S. justice [Priest flees after abuse report, Associated Press, 6/23/06].

SAN FRANCISCO - The Roman Catholic bishop of Santa Rosa failed to immediately report an admission of child abuse by a priest who has since left the country, authorities said Thursday.

The Rev. Xavier Ochoa was suspended April 28 after admitting an incident of sexual abuse with a 12-year-old boy. Bishop Daniel Walsh didn`t notify law enforcement until three days later, giving Ochoa time to flee to Mexico, according to church and law enforcement officials.

The accused was ordained as a Jesuit in Mexico in 1969 and has been a priest in Sonoma County since 1988. His sexual preferences are warped, to say the least.

The boy told sheriff`s deputies he often went to Ochoa`s apartment across the street from St. Francis Solano Church to do chores. Ochoa reportedly offered the boy $100 for a strip tease.

``While the victim was dancing and taking off his clothes, Ochoa sat on the edge of his bed laughing and throwing marshmallows at the victim; and the victim was trying to catch the marshmallows with his mouth,`` according to court documents.

There are two other charges against Ochoa of molesting teenaged boys. He is the 17th priest from the diocese accused of sexually abusing children.