More Catholic Pro-Immigrant Perversity
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Today's example of how unlawful immigration rots the moral fabric is from two Southern California Catholic dioceses, where the men in cassocks have chosen free labor over protecting children from sexual predators.

Not wanting to lose illegal immigrant volunteers, the Los Angeles and Orange Roman Catholic dioceses have quietly backed away from a pledge to root out pedophiles by running fingerprint background checks on anyone who works with children. [Diocesan Screenings for Abusers Give Slack to Undocumented, Los Angeles Times, June 22, 2006].

Apparently the SoCal Vaticrats are too arrogant to care about the further loss of Catholic credibility regarding pedophilia. If they still aspire to any moral authority at all.

Hasn't the Catholic Church had enough lawsuits because of protecting its pedophile priests? (Trials and legal actions continue around the country in places like Washington and Illinois, but news coverage is local only.)

Now they are inviting more of the same, by acting in a way that can only be called immoral.

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