Big Picture The Key To Victory—GOP Should Reject Globalism On Immigration AND Trade Gain Support Of White Voters
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A friend who must remain anonymous has long insisted that America's immigration and multicultural problem is but a symptom of the bigger problem: globalism. On the other hand, a different friend, from India, said, "When they talk about globalism what they are really talking about is just cheap labor."

I have long maintained that outsourcing and excess immigration are just two sides of the same cheap labor coin. There are certainly people of good will who have warm fuzzy feelings about one world without borders and benign multiculturalism. But there are others (including many white "liberals") who have a hostility to white people, the United States, and western culture and wish to bring down our country, people, and civilization. I count the current President among the second group.

However, I believe the real motivation for ignoring the best interests of our country by pushing trade deals—which invariably increase our trade deficit, encourage outsourcing, and result in entire industries and technologies being lost to our adversaries—and massive immigration are simply economic.

The corporate elites make money at the expense of the middle class and the long-term strength and prosperity of the country. And as always, the politicians seek the money of the billionaires and the US Chamber of Crony Capitalists (as Mark Levin labels them).

The brilliant Steve Sailer long ago perceived that rather than pandering to minorities in a futile effort to get votes, Republicans needed to go after the white vote. This idea appears to be gaining ground but will Republican politicians finally grasp what it takes to win the votes of white workers?

Currently Obama is selling out American workers with both a new trade deal with China and an immigration surge—and it remains to be seen what Republicans will do. [Obama Continues to Sell Out American Workers for Political Gain,By Peter Morici, Coalition For A Prosperous America, November 14, 2014]

For those who doubt that globalism is the excuse for selling out our country, consider what Michael Stumo writes, at Coalition For A Prosperous America:

"A Politico story says...

'The White House said in a fact sheet that the [ITA] deal would support up to 60,000 additional U.S. jobs, “eliminate tariffs on roughly $1 trillion in annual global sales of information and communications technology products of which more than $100 billion now come from the United States,” and “increase annual global GDP by an estimated $190 billion.'

Increase global GDP? What about US GDP? Who do they work for? Will it increase other countries' GDP a bit and decrease ours (as in the past) a little less?" Math Fraud Of Trade, November 12, 2014
At this time Democrats are obviously worse than Republicans when it comes to illegal immigration, but Republicans are not necessarily better on reducing legal immigration. For example while Senator Ted Cruz has denounced Obama's planned administrative actions on immigration, Mark Trujillo writes in The Hill:
"Cruz said he might even agree with some of the policy changes that Obama makes, including freeing up more work visas for the technology community. He noted that he has introduced a bill to expand the cap on high-tech visas."

Cruz: Obama immigration action would be 'defiant of voters', November 14, 2014

The recent Republican sweep was obviously a reaction to the disaster which is Obama. But the next time Obama will be gone and Republicans being a little less evil will not be enough to inspire the white turnout they need.

Republicans need to see the big picture, reject globalism and embrace a complete set of policies—especially on trade and immigration—which will once again allow American middle class voters to see the bright future which past generations counted on. Otherwise, come 2016 Republicans will reap the whirlwind.


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