Year-End Fundraising Kickoff and Live Streaming “VDare Open House”
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On December 2, to kickoff VDare Foundation’s year-end fundraising appeal, is participating in the Giving Tuesday movement that has gained momentum around the world over the last few years.

So what is Giving Tuesday?

Well, in short, Giving Tuesday (or, commonly, #GivingTuesday) is a worldwide movement providing incentives to donate on a specific day shared by all charities. It coincides with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday and encourages people to give to their favorite charities as a part of the Christmas season, whether through financial contributions, or time and talent.

“We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now there is one for giving back.” –

This is a unique opportunity for to really ride the coattails of Main Stream and social media coverage to leverage our fundraising higher than ever. More than 10,000 organizations have opted to participate in the Giving Tuesday, promoting donations generally, and providing creative ways people collaborate in their giving efforts to create more meaningful results.

You will see some of those collaborations featured on in the coming appeal. Crowdsourcing is something we have never experimented with at VDare and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Most exciting though, are these two special features of the VDare Foundation’s Giving Tuesday celebration:

  1. All funds donated to the VDare Foundation on Dec 2, (Giving Tuesday and our year-end fundraising kickoff) up to the amount of $4,000 will be DOUBLED by a matching gift pledge from a very generous individual donor. If we can meet this goal, and I think we can, it will be a record breaking day for and get our year-end campaign going with a bang!
  2. Also on December 2, (Giving Tuesday and our year-end fundraising kickoff), will be hosting its first ever “Open House” at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, featuring live streaming video of Peter Brimelow at home, with John Derbyshire and a friendly host, chatting fireside, enjoying Christmas-y refreshments and answering questions submitted by YOU, our readers.To submit questions, tweet them to @vdare on Twitter and include #VDAREopenhouse. You can also email questions to [email protected] or submit then to our Facebook event!

The VDare Foundation and have grown in some very significant ways this year and it is of critical importance that our funding grows in proportion to support our important work. Using Giving Tuesday as the kickoff event for our year-end appeal is only one way that we’re approaching this challenge.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for December 2, 2014, and stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

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