At Eagle Pass Immigration Presser, DeSantis Outflanks Trump To Right On Border Invasion
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Standing before the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass, Texas, this morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit all the right notes on immigration but one: He didn’t say he’d stop legal immigration.

Still, he ably answered Donald Trump’s promise of Operation Wetback 2 and POTUS 45’s comprehensive plan to stop the Biden Regime’s Great Replacement border invasion.

Per DeSantis’ website, this is what the GOP candidate will do [Mission: Stop The Invasion, No Excuses,]:

  • end Birthright Citizenship;
  • end catch-and-release;
  • renew Remain in Mexico; 
  • detain potential asylees;  
  • close the Flores loophole
  • tax remittances from illegal aliens;
  • end prosecutorial discretion and parole authority;
  • deport criminal aliens and visa overstays;
  • fortify, enforce E-Verify; 
  • defund and prosecute those who violate U.S. immigration laws; 
  • strengthen penalties for human trafficking, smuggling, and reoccurring illegal reentry;  
  • focus Immigration and Customs Enforcement on illegals;
  • cease subsidies for Treason Lobby non-governmental and international organizations that aid the Great Replacement invasion; 
  • renew asylum agreements with the Northern Triangle;  
  • immigration judges received summary disposition authority; 
  • curtail visas from countries that refuse deportees;   
  • hire more personnel for U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement;
  • deploy the military to assist the border patrol until the wall is built; 
  • declare Mexican drug cartels to be Transnational Criminal Organizations and use force to fight them;
  • cross the border to fight cartels if Mexico refuses to help shut them down;
  • stop DOJ from suing states when they enforce immigration laws, and support their constitutional right to defend against invasion;  
  • cut federal funds to sanctuary jurisdictions; and
  • drop illegals from census apportionment.

The plan is similar to Trump’s, but both again, must address legal immigration, a major driver of the demographic dispossession and replacement of the Historic American Nation.


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