Angela Nagle Follows Up THE LEFT CASE AGAINST OPEN BORDERS By Going On Tucker Carlson Tonight
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Angela Nagle, who earned condemnation across the left earlier this month for writing the essay, “The Left Case Against Open Borders” for the Trumpian American Affairs, has managed to compound those condemnations this week by appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss said essay.

The segment is very brief, but Tucker praises her essay to high heavens, and the two never disagree on anything at any point—despite Nagle being an avowed Socialist of the Corbyn-Sanders variety. This was too much for many of Nagle’s enemies within the left, and even many of her former allies as well.

Here is Alex Press, who works for Jacobin Magazine—which used to publish Nagle regularly—declaring the debate about immigration within the left to be over:

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Here is Virgil Texas, a host of the popular Socialist podcast Chapo Trap House—which has had Nagle on for sympathetic interviews more than once:

(The joke is a reference to Nagle being an Irish citizen, though she is an American one as well.) [ Note: People have been railing at Peter Brimelow for being an "immigrant himself" since the '90s.]

Anarchist Malcolm Harris declared:

And went on to guilt-trip the publications that have published Nagle:

… and then labeled Nagle a “white nationalist”:

Harris, though an enfant terrible, did manage to scare a few past associates of Nagle. Current Affairs defensively tweeted:

Maximillian Alvarez, one of The Baffler’s marquee writers, responded:

Not long after having tweeted:

Hannah Gais, who worked at The Baffler back when they published Nagle regularly, is also running scared. After Nagle’s Tucker appearance, she retweeted this passive-aggressive jibe:

Does this mark the end of Nagle’s career on the left? Well, it certainly won’t make things easier for her. The contemporary left is an ever-raging fire of moral panics and condemnations. In light of Nagle’s recent activities, other writers who have had books released by the same publishing house as her have felt the need to “clarify” their associations. [Clarification of my relationship with Zero Books, by Adam Kotsko, Itself, November 22, 2018] This would suggest Nagle has become very deeply toxic in the rather small world of left-wing journalists, pundits, and professors.

This whole episode is another example of the left’s deep-seeded volatility. From its purges of talented writers over spurious allegations of sexual misconduct, to its need to juggle the interests of wealthy Jews and migrating Muslims, to its obsessive need for absolute fealty to amorphous moral axioms, staying on top within the left is no easy feat. What happens next to Angela Nagle will prove interesting, and indicative of trends to come.

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