We Print Some Actual Hate (It's All Right, It's Just Some Guy Who Hates VDARE.com!)
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04/09/11 - A Brutal Attack Reminds A Reader Of Peter Brimelow's "Dystopian Vision"

Re: VDARE.com in general (the reader didn't specify)

From: Bill Meyer [Email him]

What disgusting site.  Why don't you all just put on your KKK robes and have done with it?  You and your associates and contributors are a cancer on our country.

James Fulford writes: After the Tucson murders, and the consequent, short-lived "civility movement" , I wrote a post titled How About You Stop Calling Us Racists And Murderers Long Enough To Talk About Civility?

Please note that this three sentence letter contains more actual "hate" than any one of our thousand-word articles.

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