A Brutal Attack Reminds A Reader Of Peter Brimelow's "Dystopian Vision"
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Re: Why VDARE/Why The White Doe?

From: Nathan Hale [Email him]

Take a look at this story about the horrific beating of white Giants fan Bryan Stow  (who remains comatose) at Dodger Stadium and at the police sketches of the suspects,

I can't help but think of Brimelow's dystopian vision of the last white family in LA.

VDARE.com note: In Why VDARE/Why The White Doe? Peter Brimelow wrote:

"Today, Virginia Dare seems to be vanishing from American education too. But she was a fixture for earlier generations. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt felt free to give a speech commemorating the 350th anniversary of her birth. At one point, I planned to pay homage by bestowing her name on the heroine of a projected fictional concluding chapter in Alien Nation, about the flight of the last white family in Los Angeles. It seemed . . . symmetrical.

"I was dissuaded."

In a related note, Camp Of The Saints is having a re-enactment in Italy.

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