A Reader Says America Is Replacing Its First World Population With A Third World One.
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Re: Peter Brimelow's blog item A Telling Barone Blunder On GOP's Hispanic Share

From: Joe Walker [Email Him]

In Michael Barone's article GOP shouldn't panic if whites become a minority, he says that "Hispanics tend to vote 10 to 15 percent less Republican than whites of similar income and education levels."

Of course, the important point that Barone fails to mention is that Hispanics tend to have lower incomes and educational levels than whites. The problem here is that not only are we replacing our population with an alien one, but with one that is both intellectually and economically inferior. The United States cannot remain a First World power if we keep replacing our current population with a Third World one.

Peter Brimelow writes: This is a completely different point from the one I made—which was that Barone is just wrong about the size of the white-Hispanic voting gap—but nonetheless important.

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