VDARE.com: Saturday's Letters: A Mexican Immigrant Reader (Legal) Says Deport All Aliens
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Saturday's Letters: A Mexican Immigrant Reader (Legal) Says Deport All Aliens; etc.

From: Fabricio Mundo [e-mail him]

Re: Juan Mann's Column: In My Hate Mail: America's Funeral Pyre?

I am a Mexican who came to the US legally 15 years ago. 

I love the US and I wish to die here. I defend the Constitution and everything that America stands for.

As a kid growing up in Tijuana, illegal immigration was viewed by our community as something that criminals did with the encouragement of the Mexican government. We thought only the worst elements of Mexican society immigrated illegally.

I still feel this way today. I am opposed totally to illegal immigration. Mexico's worst and most unskilled are everywhere in the U.S today. It's as if the entire southern part of Mexico suddenly got up and moved north.

Hapless and toothless US enforcement is a tragedy and travesty.

I view sites like VDARE.COM and its contributors like Michelle Malkin and Mann as important outlets to keep all real Americans in touch with what should be our primary goal… deporting illegal immigrants and picking and choosing the best and the brightest of the immigrants to assimilate into the American fabric.
Let's not forget what happened to the Roman Empire some 1,300 years ago. This republic is much stronger. We can and will get it done.

Mundo is an English to Spanish/Spanish to English translator who lives in the Los Angeles area. His blog can be read here

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Saturday's Letters: A Utah Reader Says Strike Back At the Multiculturalists

From: Ken Caye [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Boycott Bust In Central Valley

Guzzardi wrote a great column about the lack of impact of the Mexican walkout.  And since I am a Norwegian, I am pleased to learn of Fjordman who Guzzardi quoted. At last, I've found a Norwegian who is not a complete socialist!

I don't know just how the immigration issue is going to work out unless the folks who see their Congressman turn their backs on them, the lowly voters, get their heads out of the sand and get involved.  Anyone that is so stupid as to say they will stay home rather than vote shows about as much understanding as an angleworm.

We have let the multiculturalists get away with their cry for tolerance by telling us that the melting pot approach was wrong.  And imagine that Americans are so bold that we think English should be the official language. 

Keep the good columns at VDARE.COM coming.

Caye is retired from the U.S. Naval Submarine Force

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Saturday's Letters: A Texas Reader Challenges the Dallas Morning News

From: Gene Nelson, Ph.D. [e-mail him]

Re: His Letter (Unpublished) to the Dallas Morning News

Your prominent front page advocacy on April 9th and 10th for the employment of H-1B visa holders whose visas have expired – and your recent advocacy for the expansion of the controversial H-1B visa program—harms experienced American citizens who are either unemployed or underemployed as a consequence of this program.

Corrupt lobbyists and criminals like Jack Abramoff and former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) lobbied heavily for more H-1B visas. Many employers covet the pliant, cheap labor H-1B's provide.

Your advocacy is bad news for students and parents. Because the H-1B visa program has become so bloated and employer interests have gamed the system so much since 1990, even American citizen journalists are harmed.

According to salary.com, a Reporter II (bachelor's degree with 1-4 years experience) in Dallas, TX. has a median compensation of $35,170.  That pay is substantially higher than the $18,283 currently being paid to the five H-1B reporters by The Dallas Morning News. Belo Corporation's profitability is boosted while experienced American citizen journalists are unemployed.

I, an unemployed technical professional, am not surprised to learn that the reporters who wrote the articles promoting H-1B visas are themselves working with H-1B visas.

Unemployed and underemployed U.S. citizens are activists ready to vote out the leaders that have ushered in this post—1990 "race to the bottom."

And we encourage subscriptions to the Dallas Morning News be cancelled.

Nelson has testified twice before the House of Representative and twice to the National Academy of the Sciences about the adverse impact of non-immigrant visas on the U.S. job market.

A founding member of the National Association for the Employment of Americans, Nelson is also the proprietor of a website devoted to exposing the links between Abramoff and Microsoft.

Read Nelson's VDARE.COM letter about the H-1B connection to the Columbia space shuttle tragedy here. Ask the Dallas Morning News why Nelson's letter wasn't published.

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Saturday's Letters: A Retired Air Force Major Says Border Patrol Snitching on Minutemen "Despicable"

From: Peter Klopfenstein [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Breaking News on U.S. Minuteman Spy Scandal

This action by the federal government is totally despicable and, if verified, needs to be roundly condemned and legally challenged as working against the best interests of the United States of America

I am extremely disappointed in President Bush because of his weak leadership on the domestic front and his arrogance and contempt for the average American voter

Klopfenstein lives in California

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Saturday's Letters: An Oregon Reader Gives a Reconquista a Piece of His Mind

From: Larry Jordan [e-mail him]

Re: Today's Letter February 14, 2006: A Mexican-American Reader Predicts The Reconquista Is Just A Matter of Time…And He Can't Wait

Apparently Lowry (e-mail him) is under the very false impression—an impression rejected by informed Hispanic Americans—that the reconquista is at hand. He should pay attention to the coalition, "You Don't Speak for Me" that supports the strengthening and enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, including manpower and barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, denial of non-emergency benefits and services to people who are in the country illegally, and vigorous enforcement against businesses that hire illegal aliens.

Lowry's words betray a bitterness that life has whacked him with a two by four in which he fantasizes about the return of the mythical Aztlan. Well, if such daydreaming brings him emotional comfort, so be it. 

Coincidentally, my brother and I have made seven wonderful trips to Europe in the past nine years. The difference between our trips and Lowry's Aztlan fantasy is that ours have cost mucho pesos and his is free.

Jordan was an executive in the property casualty insurance industry for 28 years. Since February when he lost his job, he has driven a 24-passenger airport shuttle bus at Portland International Airport.

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Saturday's Letters:  Dave Gorak "Repulses" An Illinois Reader

From: Pete Rivera [email him]

Re: Dave Gorak's Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed Showing They Don't Respect The Law

Your article this morning repulsed me.  

It is full of so many inaccuracies that you should be embarrassed to have wrote [sic] it and the Chicago Sun-Times should be ashamed to have published it. 

But oh yeah they published because of the rights you have—the very rights these people have to march and protest—remember Freedom of Assembly and free speech—you had the write [sic] to exercise that freedom through your horrific article so why don't they have that freedom to march and express themselves?

They are contributing members to this society through their purchasing power and taxes. 

Why don't you take a moment and research the purchasing power of this group in dollars—its [sic] totals into the billions of dollars.  Why don't you research the taxes they contribute as well—it totals in the billions of dollars.  What would happen to businesses or the economy if that were gone—who would pick up the slack on taxes they would not be paying anymore? 

Find me a white bus boy—or a white person willing to pick crops—or willing to serve as a maid in a hotel or work construction—not only in numbers can you not find white (sic) to do it...but for the money they refuse. 

They people (sic) do pick up the slack that our very citizens refuse or leave behind. 

Check with owners of these businesses and ask them how many applications they get from white individuals for those jobs. You seem to forget one thing—one major thing—this country is what it is and was founded on immigrants—or did you forget your history lessons as well? 

Remember all of the Italians, Germans, and Irish that crossed through Ellis Island.  Remember in 1620 that arrived on the shores of New England.  Think about the slaves that were brought here against their will—think about all of the people who helped to start and build (sic) this nation—the Chinese who worked on the very railroad system we have in place today—all of the immigrants who helped to build our cities.

Let us not forget that they have contributed greatly to the history of this country.  Better yet—remember that the first five presidents of the United States were immigrants themselves not having been born here (sic). 

You should reflect on history before you start bashing immigrancy.

Dave Gorak replies to Rivera:

You say my op-ed is full of inaccuracies but you fail to list them.

You mention constitutional rights like freedom of speech and assembly but fail to note that these rights are reserved for citizens and legal residents.

You say "white boys" don't want to wait tables but ignore the fact that the majority of these jobs are being done by Americans.  Here in rural Wisconsin, for example, guess who is waiting tables and washing dishes in restaurants, working as landscapers, cleaning toilets in hotels?

You discuss economics but avoid dealing with the relationship between a large labor supply and wages and what this means to American workers.  Perhaps you work in an industry where you are not required to compete with foreigners, many of them here illegally, for your job.  Lucky you!

You refer to immigrants coming through Ellis Island but there is no acknowledgement that these newcomers played by the rules.

Yes, the Pilgrims arrived in 1620.  What's your point?  Are you, like Chicago radio talk show host Rafael Pulido, a.k.a "El Pistolero", arguing "nobody checked their visas"? How could there be legal or illegal immigration at a time when there was no country, i.e., formal government, in existence?

Finally, the first U.S.-born president was Martin Van Buren, but his  seven predecessors were not "immigrants"; all were born here but as British subjects. I hope the following improves your knowledge of your country's history.

Joe Guzzardi adds: I edited sections of Rivera's letter so that it would be fundamentally comprehensible. I left in, however, some of his errors so that the unique flavor of his correspondence would shine through. And what about Rivera's brand-new word "immigrancy"?

And we saw on May 1st what happened when "businesses were gone"—-nothing.

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Saturday's Letters: Another Illinois Reader Says Dave Gorak Is "Full of Hate"

From: Mary Ann [e-mail her]

Re: Dave Gorak's Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Showing They Don't Respect The Law

It must be miserable to be so filled with hate.  I will pray for you.

Dave Gorak replies to Mary Ann: Thank you. And while you're at it, please pray for the souls of Barbara Jordan and Cesar Chavez.

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Saturday's Letters: Mexican Flags At The Voters Registrar Table Outrage A California Reader!

From: Susan Shipley [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Columns

I just returned from Stockton where to my surprise I saw a voter's registrar table surrounded by Mexican flags.

I don't understand. If they are registering voters, then why the Mexican flags? Don't they have to be Americans to vote? Or is it politically incorrect to ask them if they are American?

This is a slap in the face of every American. Are we gathering votes for America or for Mexico?

I read Guzzardi faithfully VDARE.COM. and the Lodi News-Sentinel. Maybe if more people read VDARE.COM, they would see that we are fighting a war for our borders.

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Saturday's Letters: A Canadian Reader Predicts Victory

From:  Dr. Wayne Goodfellow [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: How VDARE.COM Helped Convert An Oklahoma State Representative To The Right Side Of Immigration Reform

Congratulations to VDARE.COM for its role in influencing the decision by Republican Oklahoma State Representative Kevin Calvey not to support an amnesty for illegal aliens.

This battle will be won ultimately one conversion at a time because if history teaches us anything it is that policies based on lies will ultimately collapse. The dispossession of native-born Americans is a monumental fraud based on myths, distortions and down right fabrications that is perpetrated by a degenerate ruling class.  It is not sustainable in any way, shape or form, and carried to its logical conclusion will lead to the destruction of Western civilization.

There is no other issue more important to our survival as a people than mass immigration from the third-word, yet it is hardly discussed by our political elites or the MSM. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for the Internet because this technology has broken the monopoly held previously by the MSM.

And when our battle is won, and it will be won just as surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, my prediction is that the American people will deservingly honor Peter Brimelow.  People like Brimelow and the many others who work on behalf of their nation to reverse the course of national suicide are the true American heroes—-not the corrupted politicians in the White House, the U.S. Congress or the elite who control the MSM.

Goodfellow is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa and a senior research scientist at Natural Resources Canada, a department of the federal government.

When Goodfellow retires, he says he will "dedicate myself to making Canadians aware why mass immigration is such an important issue. What form this will take has yet to be determined. Maybe a book, maybe a think tank, maybe a Canadian version of VDARE.COM, or maybe even a new political party to represent the interests of English Canada."

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