A Norwegian Reader Says They Have Welfare Winners Too
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October 15, 2003

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From:  Roger Hansen < [email protected]>

I would like to comment upon Ed Rubenstein's column "And the Immigrant Welfare Winner is..."

Here in Norway, USA is often described as a country with a very successful integration policy. And from the numbers you give, this seems to be true!—at least compared to Norway. Here are some of the Norwegian numbers for immigrants:

Country Percentage on welfare:
Iraq 78%
Somalia 72%
Pakistan 61%
Iran 56%

On the average, here in Norway, about 65% of immigrants from so-called non western countries are on welfare.

The Norwegian government's policy towards immigrants is extremely generous—perhaps the most generous in the world. I am quite sure that "being on welfare" in Norway is far more profitable than "being on welfare" in the US. I would like to recommend Unni Wikan's book "Generous Betrayal—Politics of Culture in the New Europe" for a closer description of the lunatic policy that is used towards immigrants here in Norway.

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