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11/06/09 - A NY Reader Says Diversity Is Strength! It's Also...Cooking Up Your Father's Genitalia?

A CA Journalist Wonders: Who Will Ask Key Immigration Questions About Richmond Rape?; etc.

From: Linda Cromwell (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Hispanic Teen Gang Rape In Richmond, California

Predictably, the mainstream media failed to ask any of the most probing questions about the horrific Richmond rape.

The story Fulford cited talked about the suspects "lack of remorse." [Police detectives shocked at remorseless suspects in gang rape of San Francisco-area girl, 15 By Adam Sommers, New York Daily News, October 28, 2009]

And Bay Area newspapers ludicrously suggested that the rape of the young teenager was "inevitable." [Richmond Gang Rape Seen As Nearly Inevitable, by Kevin Fagan, San Francisco Chronicle, November 1, 2009]

Here are the questions that must be asked.

If you analyze the thousands of print journalism stories on the shocking rape of an innocent young woman, you would find only an accounting of the immoral behavior of a group of thugs, many of them Hispanic.

More than any story that I can recall, the Richmond rape cries out for investigative journalism.

My last questions:

  • Who will sign up for the assignment and what newspaper will have the guts to publish it?

Cromwell interned at a major California newspaper infamous for its horrible immigration coverage. Her previous letters about John McCain's inept presidential campaign, why we should not expect responsible reporting about immigration from the mainstream media and her vacation to the border town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania are about are here, here, and here.

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Another CA Reader Predicts That More Richmond Rape-Type Crimes— Unless Immigration Ends

From:  George Detore (e-mail him):

In no way is the Richmond rape limited to that particular immigrant-dominated area.

Equally awful crimes can and do happen in San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento and other major cities where thugs are allowed to run rampant and breed unchecked.

As long as we have generations of families with violent histories receiving welfare rather than serving time in prison or being deported, society can expect more attacks on innocent, law-abiding citizens.

Detore wrote previously about the true cost of illegal immigration versus Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's grossly underestimated total. Read it here.

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An Ohio Reader Clarifies The Fine Points About Green Cards

From:  An Ohio Native (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Washington State Medical Professional Is Forced Out Of Her Home Because Of Her Bad Mexican Neighbors

Letter writer Abigail Smith complained about illegal aliens in her neighborhood with expired green cards that caused her many problems.

It's important to note that legal permanent resident status (green cards) does not expire.

While green cards are renewed every 10 years, if one does not renew, it does not affect one's permanent resident status.

I'm sure that the Mexicans Smith referred to never had green cards in the first place.

Although I am not a lawyer, I come by my knowledge first hand. I am married to a legal permanent resident from Asia who is not yet an American citizen.

Our difficult experience with federal immigration agencies is why I am familiar with Smith's situation.

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A Texas Scholar Points Out How Poorly The Mexican Government Has Provided For Mexicans

From:  Paul Cornelius (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Shocked—Shocked To Find Corruption At A Mexican Consulate!

Like Wall but unlike some VDARE.COM readers, I'm fond of Mexico and many of the Mexicans I know.

What Wall's column points out is important to residents on both sides of the border: that is, just how thoroughly unconcerned and even hostile to Americans and Mexicans are our governing elites.

The transnational grab for power and wealth is what drives people like Enrique Hubbard, the subject of Wall's article and the former consul general for Mexico in Dallas.

Hubbard has much more in common with the Bush family, John McCain and Bill Hammond of the Texas Association of Business than he does with his fellow Mexicans. In 2008 Hammond, by the way, pled guilty to campaign finance violations. [Business Group Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Charge, by Corrie MacLaggen, Austin American-Statesman, October 22, 2008]

And, needless to say, what criticisms can be properly to the Mexican government also applies to Bush, McCain and the rest of the globalists regarding to their selfish attitudes toward their fellow Americans.

What have any of them accomplished?

They have:

Those are the main items on the transnational elites' resumes.

But most importantly of all, they deflected social unrest and deferred significant political change, particularly in Mexico, which otherwise would certainly have toppled these oligarchs from their perch.

Political rulers are determined to keep their power, even though it brings suffering to millions in both Mexicans and Americans.

Cornelius is a retired academic who taught at the University of Texas in Dallas. His correspondence with our Juan Mann about the George W. Bush amnesty here. Read Cornelius' previous letter about the confusion created by multiple Mexican names here.

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