A San Diego Reader Challenges Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger On Aliens` Cost To California
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From: George Detore (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Schwarzenegger and Navarrette Compare Immigration Reform Patriots To Nazis; Joe Answers Them

In San Diego County, the foreclosure rates are up 32 percent over last year. [Default Notices Hit Record in County, by Lori Weisberg, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 23, 2009] 

The majority of the sub-prime loans went to Mexican nationals who couldn't afford them and bolted when they couldn't keep up with the payments.

Baja California license plates are on cars in front of medical clinics, schools, stores and restaurants.

San Diego has a huge African immigrant population made up most of Somali refugees, many here illegally using various scams to get into the country.

Yet Governor Schwarzenegger insists that illegal immigration only accounts for 5 percent of California's total $100 billion budget.

I know Schwarzenegger's number is vastly understated. In his column, Guzzardi calculated the cost of education alone for illegal aliens to be $8 billion.

But even if Schwarzenegger's estimate is accurate, 5 percent of $100 billion is $5 billion.

To expect California taxpayers to shell out $5 billion in this economy to support illegal aliens is an outrage.

Detore volunteers at the San Diego Historical Society. 

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