A California Reader Understands Why Michael Moore Loves Barack Obama
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From: Bill Sarni (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Three Reasons The Elite Will Never See The Immigration Light: The Housekeeper, The Pool Man And The Lawn Guy

In his column that included a reference to Michael Moore's movie Capitalism: A Love Story that, Guzzardi wrote that:

 "Moore would have to be blind not to see the difference between his father's era and today's immigrant-dominated work force."

The problem with Moore is that anything that happens under a Democratic administration (Barack Obama) is good while anything under a Republican (George W. Bush) is bad.

Moore doesn't mind contradicting himself to make his points.

In a CNN interview with Larry King, Moore spent his entire time criticizing Obamacare and blasting the Afghanistan War, which Obama has escalated, before he said:  

 "That's just a crazy, crazy-making place. It's unwinnable. It's immoral. It's illegal. It's wrong."

Then, although a viewer would expect an altogether different conclusion given what Moore had been saying for an hour, this is how he summed up Obama's administration:

 "I am so glad we have that man in the White House."

Moore and Obama are elite, liberal, wealthy, pro-immigration Democrats. That, to Moore, matters more than anything.

Sarni's previous letter about how elite politicians have ruined his native California is here.

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