A Texas Reader Is Astonished At Multiple Mexican Names
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From: Paul Cornelius (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: What's In A (Sur) Name? Plenty If You're Planning An Amnesty

What a timely article.

I went to register my car at the Denton County (Texas) Tax Office this morning. In front of me was a Mexican who didn't speak or read any English.

How, I wonder, does he read road signs and directions?

The clerk asked another Spanish speaker in line to help him.

Because of the very loud interpretation going on, I heard the clerk say to the Mexican that the name on the car registration form didn't match the one on his ID, such as it was. 

But then he produced several other forms of ID. I was astounded to hear the clerk ask him which name he wanted to use?

How many American citizens have the choice of which names to use? Having multiple names sure must help if you're trying to dodge tickets, felony arrest warrants or, say, deportation orders.

Cornelius is a retired academic who taught at the University of Texas in Dallas. His correspondence with our Juan Mann about amnesty is here.

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