A Reader Finds The Truth About Those Hispanic "Hate Crime" Victims
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July 19, 2004

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John Derbyshire Reads Newsday on Hate Crimes, Notes Curious Omission

From: Christopher Collins

Re: "Nobody has told us whether Perez and Garcia are in this country legally." (John Derbyshire Reads Newsday on Hate Crimes, Notes Curious Omission)

The free newspaper Long Island Press  reported that the victims were illegal aliens.

"Ray Wysolmierski is a spokesperson for Farmingville-based Sachem Quality of Life, a group formed to fight against the 'illegal day laborer invasion.' He impassionedly told reporters the teens should have been convicted only for arson, and called the victims, a family of illegal aliens, [Emphasis added] 'part of the problem' and 'invaders.' Wysolmierski also said that the teens did not initiate a hate crime despite the fact that they all pleaded guilty to hate crimes, and argued that the 25-year sentences given to two men recently convicted of the attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers in Shirley were too harsh. ["Too Little Or Too Much?; Sentencing of Farmingville Teens Doesn't Douse Controversy," By Timothy Bolger, Long Island Press, Saturday, July 17, weekly edition, page 16."]

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