A Texas Reader Is "Stunned" By Immigrant Crime In California And His Home State
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From:  Roger Chaillet (e-mail him)

I'm stunned.

What else can I say about the accompanying article from the Los Angeles Times on violence in southern California. . [The Homicide Blog, By Jill Leovy, Los Angeles Times, December 2, 2007]

The crime is almost all immigrant related, primarily involving Hispanics but also Ethiopian victims and Armenian assailants. At least two a day are murdered in and around Los Angeles, and the majority are immigrant assailants and victims.

It's no different than what happens here in Texas on a daily basis, whether in Dallas [Woman Who Was Stabbed To Death In Northwest Dallas Identified, By Scott Goldstein, Dallas Morning News, December 2, 2007] or nearby Fort Worth. [Teen Is In Fair Condition After Being Shot, By Mitch Mitchell, Star-Telegram, December 2, 2007]

But why should I be surprised?  The brutal violence is testament to the changing demographics brought about the Immigration Act of 1965 and its revolutionary and destructive impact on America.

When and how will it end?

Chaillet is the winner of the 2003 "War Against Christmas" price. His previous letters to VDARE.COM are here.

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