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04/23/10 - An Arizona Reader Says She Was "Racially Profiled" In Mexico, So What?

A Washington State Reader Describes His Personal Experience With Pro-Alien Police Brutality; etc.

From: "Surrounded In Seattle" (e-mail him)

Re: Eric Peters' Column: Taser Nation

The subject of police excess is a personal one for me. I would never have known how far (low?) we have come since Hammurabi's code if I had not attempted to legally and peacefully protest the "Day Without an Immigrant" mass demonstration here in downtown Seattle on May 1, 2006 and was abused terribly by police for my effort.

Even the ACLU was initially very supportive and offered to represent me until the political dimensions became known.

While not under arrest, but shackled in a putrescent holding cell "until the [illegal-aliens] are gone [sic]", I saw the police drag in yet another young white man, dazed and covered in his own blood.

Apart from my group, he was the only other person held that day, which left our streets looking like a typhoon-hit Juarez.

See this YouTube video here of him being thumped and bloodied by police to the haughty cheers of marchers for flipping the bird from his parked vehicle.

We saw the man's unlocked white Honda after our release, which is to say when the illegals went home, and it was demolished and reeked of urine.

My story is probably not unique. But it was an experience that has changed me forever.

Coincidentally, I was compelled to sign a dismissal of my own civil case against the City of Seattle by an enormous counter-suit (barratry?), the very same day Peters' article appeared.

A wise lawyer friend familiar with my "solid" case softened the blow for me by predicting this outcome—I drew solace from the knowledge I didn't have a chance against City Hall and that it wasn't lost for lack of effort.

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A Florida Reader Worries About The Coming Haitian Invasion

From:  Edward Hearn (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: "Neocon's Neocon" Trading Haitian Deluge Here For Israeli Favors

My reply to journalist Eliot Abrams, who wrote the op-ed cited in Cleburne's blog promoting increased Haitian immigration into the U.S. by "several times" its existing level, is that Americans should have the first shot at American jobs.

Why should we have to compete with aliens given temporary protected status or new waves of Haitians? [What Haiti Needs: A Haitian Diaspora, by Elliott Abrams, Washington Post, January 22, 2009]

Florida has over 12 percent unemployment. Real unemployment is over 20 percent. There are no legal jobs waiting for Haitians here. (Florida Unemployment Reaches 12.3 percent, Setting a New Record, by Jeff Harrington, St. Petersburg Times, April 10, 2010)  

To guilt Americans into accepting refugees and enticing thousands more Haitians to risk their lives crossing dangerous waters is an irresponsible and pathetic act by our shortsighted government.

Hearn is an unemployed American citizen.

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A New York Reader Wonders When The Citizen Child Stupidity Will End

From: Richard Cole (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Turkish "Birth Tourism"—And Its Entrepreneurial Enablers

Obviously the policy of jus soli, granting citizenship to anyone who happens to be within the United States when they give birth, is so flawed that a second grader could see through it.

Countries wiser than America, like the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, France and South Africa, smelled a rat and modified jus soli to at least some extent. In most cases, at least a minimum residence period is required for one parent if the child is to be granted citizenship at birth.

But in the U.S., anything that smacks of more immigration regardless of how outrageous is considered a good thing.

And when it involves commerce, as this particular fraud does, then it's viewed as a great thing.

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A MA Reader Says Aliens Are Lucky They Weren't Paid Only One Thin Dime

Re: Matthew Richer's Blog: More On the N.E. Patriots Illegal Alien Snow Shovelers

According to Forbes, the New England Patriots have a team value of $1.1 billion with annual revenues of $250 million and operating revenue of $44 million.

Nevertheless, the Patriots paid illegal aliens only $5-$7 an hour and charged them transportation fees to get to the job site.

The aliens are fortunate that they were paid so generously! Unscrupulous business owners will take what they can get at the expense of workers.

Remember when unions fiercely defended U.S workers' rights? In years past, shoveling snow might have paid $20 an hour with two rest breaks and a generous lunch period.

American workers would have been lined up. But why spend all that money on Americans when Guatemalans are so eager to toil for peanuts?

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A Minnesota Reader Says Send Criminal Aliens To Taoudenni

From: Ronald Kyser: (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A North Carolina Reader Says Outsource Jail Time For Criminal Aliens—To China!

I like letter writer J. Paige Straley's suggestion to outsource criminal aliens. However, there is available a more appropriate place than China where the officials of that Asian country are no more trustworthy than in Mexico.

Why not resuscitate the former prison oasis of Taoudenni in the northern reaches of Mali?  That was notable for having no walls or security.  The poor souls exiled to the salt mines there were free to walk out any time— across the Sahara, to "nearby" oases such as Araouane or Tessalit or to the provincial capital at Timbuktu.

But the nearest settlement might be at Chegga, 219 miles away in Mauritania.  What better than a lightly-guarded, bandit-infested desert border to inspire in the Mexican criminal a deep sense of nostalgia?   

As in the (slightly-altered) bossa nova classic Chegga de saudade (Listen here) or perhaps just Good Golly Miss Mali.

Kyser frequently contributes letters and columns to VDARE.COM

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