A North Carolina Reader Says Outsource Jail Time For Criminal Aliens—To China!
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From: J. Paige Straley (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Colorado Reader Says Alien Criminals Should Serve Their Hard Time In Mexico

Letter writer Tika Cook suggests that illegal aliens convicted of hard crimes should be imprisoned in Mexico. Unfortunately, many of the drug lord types sentenced in Mexico would find it easy will find it easy to buy off that government's "authorities."

But Cook's idea is a good start that I would like to take one step further.

Why not follow up America's predilection for outsourcing to include the imprisonment of these non-U.S. felons in China?

Makes sense: Hispanics  can't escape into a population in which they can hide; bribery becomes less likely; the Chinese would probably give us a good deal; and it would scare the pants off a crook to realize he wouldn't be headed to a nice warm US jail where he can gang up with his co-ethnics. 

China could provide a penitentiary that would indeed make penitents of inmates, and indeed, serve as a serious deterrent. 

Or shop the prisoner outsourcing concept around to not only China but also India, Indonesia....and heck, why not Zaire?

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