A CA Reader Dreams That Arizona's New Immigration Law Might Result In Obama's Arrest
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04/24/10 - Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader Describes His Personal Experience With Pro-Alien Police Brutality; etc.

From: Angie Saxon (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Arizona's Crackdown Bill Is Signed Into Law

Here's some wishful thinking.

SB 1070 which allows law enforcement to ask suspected illegal aliens to produce proof of their immigration status has been trashed by a man many suspect is neither a citizen nor a legal resident of the United States: President Barrack Obama

So-called "birthers" might score a two-fer if an astute Arizona cop—practicing the non-preferential treatment given to wheel-chaired grandmas, nursing mothers and elderly vets at U.S. airports—asks Obama to produce proof of immigration and citizenship status the next time he enters Arizona


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