An Arizona Reader Says She Was "Racially Profiled" In Mexico, So What?
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From: Linda Carter (e-mail her)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Blog: Gov. Brewer Got The Hot Potato

The reference is to Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 which the Main Stream Media is calling the toughest immigration law in the nation because it will give police officers the choice of asking about alien's status if there is reasonable suspicion he is in Arizona illegally.

This has led to the usual hysteria about "racial profiling".

For many years, my husband and I lived in Mexico. Neither of us is Hispanic. You can bet your life that we were racially profiled.

But we had proper papers that authorized us to live and work in Mexico legally. If we didn't, we would have been locked up with the key thrown away. We did everything legally however and never had a problem.

The reverse should also be true. Violate the laws, be they of Mexico or the United States, and face the law.

Carter, who wrote previously about the fiscal consequences of immigration in Arizona, is a social science teacher.
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