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A Pennsylvania Reader Re-Reads Alien Nation And Finds It "Timely" And "Important"; etc.

From:  Jason Brown

Years ago as a college student I read Peter Brimelow's Alien Nation [Now available as a free download here]. I enjoyed its content, moved by his compelling arguments, and overall I thought it held a timely prediction for things to come. Then I promptly forgot about it and moved on with life after graduation. 

With the current developments regarding immigration, I reread the book. It remains timely and very, very important. That Senator Edward Kennedy would reappear with the same old stories regarding why we should have more and more unrestricted immigration is frankly very chilling. 

My only regret is that Alien Nation has not been updated to account for 2007 realities. The pro-immigration forces might try to say that Brimelow's book was written some time ago and that's all "water under the bridge".  But recent facts and figures about immigration would expose the endless mindless rhetoric of perpetual immigration. 

Unlike 1965, today there is a real opportunity to hear both sides on immigration policies. Thanks in part to talk radio and informed websites like VDARE.COM the details about the risks for America on unconstrained open borders are spelled out.

Keep up the good work and please continue to inform us about the problems of unlimited immigration.

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An Australian Reader Says The U.S. And His Country Are Walking Down The Same Disastrous Path Paved By Immigration

From: RD 

Like the United States, Australia is also rapidly degenerating into a mere cohabitating space for the world's tribes.

Australian culture and national identity are disappearing under the weight of unremittingly high levels of non-Western immigration. Mass immigration from Asian countries, in particular, has the most profound impact.

Most notably, it is the "overseas Chinese" who have emerged in recent decades as one of the largest and most ethnocentric migrant groups in Australia.

In the United States and Canada, Australia's rapidly growing Chinese immigrant population has been accused of spying for Beijing. Several years ago, a high-profile Chinese defector warned that Beijing was using its "overseas Chinese" spy rings in Australia to turn the country into a political colony of China. Read these two stories for more details here and here.

Australia risks turning into a Chinese colony not only politically but also demographically. For China, losing 20 million people to Australia would hardly be noticed. However, for Australia, such an influx would be enough to completely overwhelm Australia's founding European-descended majority.

Considering the presently high levels of Chinese immigration into Australia, such a scenario is not unrealistic.

In 1996, nativist Australian politician Pauline Hanson warned that Australia was "in danger of being swamped by Asians".

Hanson was immediately vilified as a "racist" and a "xenophobe".  Yet, considering the presently high levels of Chinese and other Asian immigration into Australia, such a scenario is not unrealistic.

If the Chinese were asked whether they have a right to oppose mass immigration on such a scale that it would fundamentally alter their nation's ethnic and cultural makeup, its "No" answer would be unequivocally clear.

However, Australians are told they must accept this Asian immigration deluge or else face the same level of intense vituperation directed against Ms. Hanson a decade ago.

RD is an undergraduate student from Adelaide, South Australia.

A second generation Australian, he supports a return to an official assimilation policy.

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A California Reader Says Illegal Aliens Have Ruined The Job Market and Health Care For Her Children

From: Daun Dunlap  [e-mail her]

Re: Don Collins' Column: Contemplating Son of S. 1348, A Democrat Broods About His Party's Symbol

As a native and a California resident, I realize more than most of the nation the vastness of the illegal immigration problem.

Even our most well educated children have trouble finding jobs that were at one time available to most high school graduates.

They cannot get restaurant jobs in local restaurants because, although they are honors students in Latin, they cannot speak Spanish.

Two nearby hotels, the Ritz-Carlton and the St. Regis, rejected their applications. It is easier for hotels to hire low-paid Mexicans

Our family owns a small construction company and we do not hire illegal aliens. Therefore we are underbid for a lot of jobs including government contract work. 

The irony is that the job always costs the customer more because it is done improperly and the actual costs end up well over the bid.

And the worst, at a recent emergency room crisis our son was unable to get the attention he needed because nurses were busy tending to anchor babies with colds. These services are free to aliens. We, on the other hand, pay $1,000 a month for insurance.

I've witnessed the impact of open borders for too many years not to know the truth about the dangers of our current immigration policies.

Dunlap is a controller for an electrical engineering contractor. She lives in southern California.

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A Southwest Reader and Professional Translator Agrees That Aliens Won't Learn English

From: Tiburcio

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Can't Learn Or Won't Learn? Either Way, Aliens Won't Be Speaking English

I just read Guzzardi's column and wanted to comment that Mexicans have a hard time with their own language as well as English. 

I interpret for Spanish-speaking participants in unemployment appeals hearings.  Many of those who write in to request a hearing cannot even spell Spanish correctly, writing things like "Llo voy a querer una audencia, por que lla hase muncho tiempo que no recivo nada."  (Translation of the mangled sentence: "I am going to want an interview because for a long time I have not received anything.")

The corker is asking them to say and spell their names, which seems like asking them to voluntarily have a molar extracted without Novocain. They can't conceive of the concept of "deletrear" ("spelling") so someone will say MA-NUEL GAR-CI-A very slowly in syllables and think they've spelled their name.  Many of them don't even know that each letter in Spanish has its own name, and will try to spell their names with just the sounds, such as MUH AH NNN U E LLL.

With examples like that how can their children have a high regard for any kind of education? 

This country is in big trouble when the illegal aliens who demand their "rights" are illiterate even in their native language.

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A Missouri Reader Says Resentment Is The Primary Reason Aliens Won't Learn English

From: James Zikes

The primary reason Mexican adults cannot master a moderate ability to converse in English is their well-internalized resentment.

Mexican immigrants today, illegal or legal, object to learning English because they have been pumped full of Mestizo supremacy and Reconquista ideology, telling them that America is their rightful land.

But it is not their rightful land. Their ancestors and mine fought the Mexican-American War and they lost.

I would like to learn a foreign language but I guarantee it won't be Spanish. I oppose the idea that I should learn Spanish just because the aliens are invading our country.

Zikes is an electronic technician.

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A Reader Questions Randall Burns' Take On The Brain Drain

From: A Reader

Re: Randall Burns' Blog: A Reader Asks About Balkanization And Brain Drain

Why in the world is Burns suggesting the US fund and staff programs designed to help the high-IQ individuals of foreign hellholes?

I quote:

"The 'brain drain' issue is a real one. It is sad that in today's world, many talented people would rather accept menial employment in a highly developed country than skilled employment in their own countries. Part of the issue there is the corrupt nature of many poorer countries. Such countries often don't create attractive social and economic niches for many types of talented people.

Is he suggesting that we go through the trouble and expense of removing illegal aliens for the costs they impose on us, only to incur other costs and expenses by making sure their home countries are better places to live?

Trying to make the world a better place is why we have this immigration problem in the first place. It is time that we shut the economic, political and social door on the rest of the world. It is time for us to stop supporting to rest of the world and to let it fall to its appropriate level. If that creates more death, disease and overall misery, then fine. I don't care anymore.

Randall Burns replies: I don't think a "damn the world" approach will get a sensible immigration policy. If specific groups in the Third World need to be compensated with the wealth of America's corrupt elite to get a sane immigration policy, so be it."

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