A Texas Reader Says Recruiting New Border Patrol Agents Will Be a Tough Sell
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From: M. J. Brady [e-mail him]

Re: Henry McCulloch's Column: Bush's Border Patrol Betrayal

I have lived on the Texas/Mexico border for more than 30 years. I know and I am aware of many patriotic Hispanic/American border patrol agents.

However, there will probably not be many more such new border patrol agents recruited in south and west Texas.

The tragic stories of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean, Noe Aleman, Gary Brugman, David Sipe, and deputy sheriff Guillermo Hernandez who have been railroaded into prison on trumped up federal charges are fresh in the minds of patriotic Americans in these parts..

Moreover, border patrol agents in other states are fully aware of the U.S. government's betrayal and are accordingly very cautious and demoralized.

Brady describes himself as an "immigration restrictionist—both legal and illegal." He lives in the Brownsville area

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