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01/15/10 - A Minnesota Reader Says The War Against Christmas Is Up To Us

An AZ Reader Predicts RINO Gov. Jan Brewer Will Be Replaced By Immigration Patriot Dean Martin; etc.

From: Sandra Miller (e-mail her)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Column: Close The Schools And Dump The Criminal Aliens On Obama's Doorstep

I accompanied Sanchez when he confronted the Kyrene School Board members on the subject of how many illegal aliens they have enrolled in their district. Their runaround was truly impressive, even for liberal politicians.

Like Sanchez, I wish Republican Governor Jan Brewer would do something about the illegals aliens in our Arizona schools. Her long history as an elected official shows no evidence of it, however.  

Brewer was elected Secretary of State in 2002 so she held office when Proposition 200 was the talk of Arizona and when it eventually passed.  Brewer implemented its provisions but was careful to do only what the law required and no more. 

Despite her insistence that she's a conservative, her total silence on illegal immigration issue identifies her as a RINO (or as we call it here in Arizona, a McCainiac). Brewer is so bad that I was amazed to be approached at the library with someone collecting signatures for her candidacy petition.  

Now that Republican Dean Martin has declared himself a candidate for Brewer's job, I expect her to quietly fade into the woodwork rather than enter the primary and get her rear kicked.

Martin is popular and the only one who has a chance of defeating Janet Napolitano's heir apparent and current Attorney General Terry Goddard. 

The best news is that Martin is our strong ally in the fight against illegal immigration. Recently, he sent Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a bill for $1 billion for the expense of housing illegal immigrants.

Certainly Brewer has no chance because she repeatedly made the same mistake as McCain. Brewer, like McCain, thinks that by catering to the left, she'll grab centrist votes from Independents. 

That strategy, which might have worked for an established figure like McCain, will fail for Brewer. 

In the unlikely event that Brewer prevails in the primary then, if nothing else, concerned Arizona Republicans could always write in on their ballot Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a good Republican. A vote for Arpaio deprives useless RINOs like Brewer of votes.

Thank you for publishing Sanchez's column. It should get people all over American to thumb their noses at unfunded federal mandates.

If Obama wants illegal immigration, let him pay for it.

S. J. Miller is a veteran of the IT industry and a lifelong resident of border states of California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. Miller volunteered in Arizona's Prop. 200, a ballot measure passed by Arizona voters to exclude illegal aliens from voting and receiving publicly funded welfare benefits.

Read her VDARE.COM column about Home Depot here and her letter about former New York governor Eliot Spitzer here.

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A Massachusetts Reader Says Senate Candidate Scott Brown Will Benefit From Anti-Obama Sentiment

From:  Leo Kiely (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Brown's Chances For People's Seat In Massachusetts Looking Better—Illegal Immigration A Factor

Regarding Republican Scott Brown's chances in the January 19 special Massachusetts Senate election against liberal Democrat and Attorney General Martha Coakley, analysts would do well to remember that in the state's 2008 presidential primary voters preferred Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama by 53-43 percent.

In Massachusetts, among Republicans, moderate Democrats, Independents and even some liberal Democrats, there's anger directed toward Obama, Governor Deval Patrick and by extension Coakley.

All this will play out in Brown's favor.

Kiely, an engineer, lives in a Boston and writes that he has "watched neighborhoods of my city become unrecognizable as parts of the United States." His previous letter about amnesty is here.

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A New York Reader Is Puzzled By Massachusetts' Voting Patterns

From: Christopher Neal (e-mail him)

I have never understood Massachusetts voters since the day they reaffirmed Ted Kennedy's representation of them in the wake of Mary Jo Kopechne's death at his hand.

Kennedy should have been jailed, or at least thrown out of office, yet there he sat for 40 more years. Unbelievable!

Now the race between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley is on for Kennedy's vacated seat.

The polls are telling us that Massachusetts, the state that supports Democrats to the extent that its races are virtually uncontested, is shifting toward the center.

I don't believe it and, accordingly, I expect Coakley to win.

For decades, Massachusetts voters have preferred the Kennedy aura (both John and Ted) to the dangers of the hard left politics that they as well as their brother Bobby and various nieces and nephews promote.

The Brown diversion is a quirk that won't last because Massachusetts' voters always fall for the candidate that they identify as most progressive. See Deval Patrick as a glaring example.

Never mind that the Democrats have forever tried to ram amnesty for illegal aliens and a tyrannical health care reform bill down the throats of Americans despite overwhelming public resistance.

Maybe people would be more savvy if the health care negotiations weren't conducted in secrecy during the middle of the night with special deals brokered for Senators like Nebraska's Ben Nelson who aren't following in Democratic lockstep.

But don't expect citizens who don't conform to the Democrats mandates to get special consideration. They'll be fined or jailed.

Despite the ugly scene presented by the Democrats that's playing out in front of Massachusetts voters, the best Brown can do as the election nears is a dead heat? If logic ruled, Brown would be ahead by 35 points.

But he's not. And that's why, sadly, Coakley will win.

Neal's previous letter about then-governor Eliot Spitzer is here.

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A Vermont Reader Passes Along A Rumor About Her Desperate Massachusetts Colleagues

From: Elizabeth Harris (e-mail her)

I heard that Martha Coakley's camp is so panicked about their candidate's dwindling support that they have reached out to Ohio to lure Barack Obama's illegal alien Auntie Zeituni back to the Bay State so she could vote.

While it's unlikely that Zeituni is registered to vote, she's certainly lived here long enough to qualify—if only she were a legal instead of an illegal immigrant.

Of course, this rumor isn't true—at least as far as I know—but the Democrats are running scared, believe me.

Harris wrote two earlier letters detailing how far to the left politically Obama is. Read them here and here.

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