A New York Reader Wants To Get Away From Cuomos, Clintons and Kennedys
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From: Tom Sturdivant (e-mail him)

Finally, Barack Obama has done something I can applaud.

By picking Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, he takes her out of the U.S. Senate where she has done a terrible job supporting comprehensive immigration reform and voting for every free trade bill that came down the pike.

Here's an oddity about the short list of candidates that Gov. David Paterson is said to be contemplating: it includes two Kennedys (members of the immigration-loving Teddy Kennedy clan)—Caroline and Robert Jr., labeled as an "environmentalist."

To me, he's a supporter of the illegal alien 2004 Freedom Marchers ["Who Should Replace Sen. Clinton?" Buffalo Business First, November 25, 2008]

The front-runner, multicultural proponent and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, has ties to both the Kennedy's and the Clintons! He was married to Bobby daughter's Kerry and was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during Bill Clinton's second term.

Andrew's brother Chris, an ABC news anchor is a notorious Tom Tancredo basher.

And of course the Cuomo boys are the sons of ultra-liberal former New York governor Mario.

To which planet does one have to move to get away from these people?

Sturdivant is retired, "mercifully" he says, from state government. He lives in Albany.

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