A Massachusetts Reader Says The Financial Melt Down Amnesty Plea Is Off And Running
September 25, 2008, 05:00 AM
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From: Leo Kiely (e-mail him)

Re: Today`s Letter: A CA Reader Predicts Treason Lobby Will Make Economic Chaos A Reason For Amnesty

As California letter writer Judy Payne expected, it didn`t take long for illegal immigration apologists to start clamoring for amnesty, using the financial crisis as an excuse.

I her Tuesday Op-ed, Marjorie Eagan writes:

"Perhaps the time has come, said lawyer Stephen Townsend, to legalize illegal immigrants, preferably overnight. They`re 14 million of them, maybe more. Why shouldn`t illegals share our $700 billion pain?"[ Will Wall Street Crooks Pay the Ultimate Price? by Marjorie Eagan, Boston Herald, September 23, 2008]

Townsend`s remark doesn`t make sense—what`s the connection between amnesty and the Wall Street collapse?

But this is how the Treason Lobby operates. Throw out any reason and see what sticks.

Kiely lives in a Boston neighborhood and is an engineer. He writes that he has "watched neighborhoods of my city become unrecognizable as parts of the United States."