A Massachusetts Reader Says The Financial Melt Down Amnesty Plea Is Off And Running
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From: Leo Kiely (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A CA Reader Predicts Treason Lobby Will Make Economic Chaos A Reason For Amnesty

As California letter writer Judy Payne expected, it didn't take long for illegal immigration apologists to start clamoring for amnesty, using the financial crisis as an excuse.

I her Tuesday Op-ed, Marjorie Eagan writes:

"Perhaps the time has come, said lawyer Stephen Townsend, to legalize illegal immigrants, preferably overnight. They're 14 million of them, maybe more. Why shouldn't illegals share our $700 billion pain?"[ Will Wall Street Crooks Pay the Ultimate Price? by Marjorie Eagan, Boston Herald, September 23, 2008]

Townsend's remark doesn't make sense—what's the connection between amnesty and the Wall Street collapse?

But this is how the Treason Lobby operates. Throw out any reason and see what sticks.

Kiely lives in a Boston neighborhood and is an engineer. He writes that he has "watched neighborhoods of my city become unrecognizable as parts of the United States."

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