A former LAPD officer Defends Sheriff Joe Arpaio
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Re James Fulford's blog: Sheriff Arpaio "Beaten To Death In Effigy" By Immigration Protesters

Jim [Email him] writes from Southern California

I just read a column by Anne Denogean. [Send her mail][Protesters as offensive as Sheriff Arpaio, Tucson Citizen, July 15, 2008]She begins her diatribe by stating she believes Sheriff Arpaio, the sheriff for Maricopa County, Arizona, is a "bully with a badge!" Excuse me. Where does she get this silly idea?

Is it because the sheriff is so successful removing illegals from the area? Is it because he is a no-nonsense law and order sheriff? Perhaps she can explain to us confused readers who are impressed by a sheriff who actually enforces the law against illegals why she finds his actions indefensible.

The reason the sheriff is so hated by illegals is the fact he is effective bringing law and order to a society otherwise consumed in politically correct touchy-feely compassion. If more law enforcement agencies were effectively enforcing the law we would not have this out of control illegal alien problem.

Jim worked for LAPD on a special assignment where he and his fellow officers hunted, captured and brought to justice violent serial predators.  His previous letter about affirmative action in the LAPD  is here.

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