An Arizona Reader Predicts Deep Immigration Related Deficits In Her State
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From: Linda Carter (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: An Arizona Reader Reports That—Surprise!—Enforcement Works

Arizona may no longer be the beacon for illegal immigrants that it was before.

But, the state's dramatic demographic shift over the last decade has put Arizona on the brink of bankruptcy. According to a recent news story, Arizona's reserves are "zero" [Arizona Could Be Just Weeks Away from Going Broke, by Barbara Grijalva, KOLD News 13, January 1, 2010]

Like neighboring California, Arizona faces a severe budget gap and may have to issue IOUs to cover shortfalls.

While the legislature predicts tax increases and budget slashing, no one is calling for an immigration moratorium that would immediately relieve the fiscal pressure on the state.

For example, Arizona K-12 schools educate approximately 800,000 illegal alien children and Hispanic anchor babies. Although estimates for the cost to educate each pupil vary, an average of $6,000 is generally accepted.

Accordingly, by imposing an immigration moratorium Arizona could save nearly $5 billion.

Carter teaches social sciences at the Phoenix Union High School. 

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