Scott Brown Just Blew The Mass Senate Race
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Scott Brown pretty much handed a Senate seat to open borders candidate Martha Coakley during the final debate last night, even though there's a week to go before the election [Borwn, Coakley Play on Voters Fears in Final US Senate Debate, by Matt Viser, Boston Globe, January 12, 2010].

There's nothing worse than a Republican who desperately tries to come across as a nice guy. The first rule of public speaking is 'never apologize', but Brown spent much of the evening apologizing for being a conservative, trying to convince voters that he's not heartless.

At one point, each candidate had the opportunity to ask the other a question.  Brown asked Coakley why she supports giving Khalid Sheik Mohammed a civil trial, a topic that had already been discussed during the debate. BOR-ING.

Scott Brown had the chance to ask Coakly why she supports an illegal immigrant amnesty.  I suspect he didn't do so because he didn't want to come across as mean-spirited.  Instead, he just came across as weak.

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