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04/09/09 - A California Reader Wonders If Illegal Aliens Would Prefer To Be Called "Wetbacks"

A Catholic Reader In Ohio Says Church Wrong On Immigration, But Offers Easter Prayer That Joe Guzzardi Returns To The Flock; etc.

From: Luke Matthews (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: On Good Friday: Looking Back At America's Past—And A Prayer For America's Future

In his column, Guzzardi expressed continuing doubts about his faith. I hope and pray that he returns to the Church. 

Being separated from Her deprives Guzzardi of the very powerful graces bestowed by the Sacraments, among the Church's other blessings. In this world they are the only things that keep me from giving into despair and insanity. 

Guzzardi is smart enough not to mistake the pronouncements of Cardinal Roger Mahony as official Church teachings. 

Of course being a good Catholic does not require any of us to support
national suicide by welcoming unlimited Third World immigration.  And while there is there is room for disagreement in these areas that call for prudential judgment, illegal immigration has been a burden on Americans.

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A Catholic Reader Speculates About Why Church Treats Hispanics Differently

From: Brandon S. Frazer (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Tennessee Roman Catholic Says His Church Has A Double Standard That Favor Illegal Aliens

Like your letter writer "Remi," I too live in Nashville.

While I agree with VDARE.COM's philosophy regarding immigration and its impact on American society, the Roman Catholic Church is correct to adopt a more lenient approach with the illegal aliens its serves by permitting them shorter waiting periods before their nuptials.

But I feel that the Church has a duty to serve the spiritual needs of its parishioners no matter who they may be.  

Since divorce rates for white Americans are higher than it is for Hispanics, they may need the longer courtship period (eight weeks) with more counseling that the Church requires.

And because abortion rates for illegal aliens are climbing rapidly, it's logical for the Church to expedite the steps leading to marriage.

Joe Guzzardi adds: Readers interested in a comprehensive overview of Hispanic demographic data should read Steve Sailer's analysis here and Jared Taylor's here. Hispanic divorce rates appear to be the same or higher than American whites; on every other index of social pathology—illegitimacy, dropout rates—Hispanics are much worse.

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A Delaware Reader Has Solution To The Catholic Church's Double Standard

From: Dave Shanken (e-mail him)

Even though my knowledge of Spanish is limited, I can easily understand the sentence that letter writer "Remi" copied from his Nashville parish's posting:

"…Sacramento del matrimonioPor favor pongase en contacto con la oficina por o menos 6 semanas antes de la fecha de la boda." ("Sacrament of Matrimony…Please contact the office at least 6 weeks before the date of the wedding.")  

I suggest a test:

Ask an American, English-speaking couple to contact the parish but request six weeks (the time frame for Hispanics) before its vows of matrimony instead of eight weeks demanded of Anglo-Saxon  couples.

If there are complaints, then the Americans can present the Spanish version of the regulations.

The results of such a confrontation would be interesting.

Shanken is a retired software engineer.

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A California Reader Wonders Why Connecticut Voters Have Such Short Memories

From: Brain Hassler (e-mail him)

Re: A Connecticut Reader Predicts That Senator Christopher Dodd Will Drop Out

Don't those idiot Connecticut voters remember immigration lover Christopher Dodd's ethically challenged father, former Sen. Thomas Dodd, censured by his own party in the 1960s because of his corruption? [Dodd's Other Campaign: Restoring Dad's Reputation, by Elisabeth Bumiller, New York Times, September 24, 2007]

Connecticut, the home of Yale, and tons of so called superior intellectuals, is just as brain dead as Kennedyland, more commonly known as Massachusetts.

Hassler is retired from the Department of Defense. His previous letters about Florida Senator Mel Martinez, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Bruce Springsteen and alien crime in Los Angeles are here, here, here and here.

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