Blue State Case Study: CT Papers Spin New Haven Rape Story
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March 31, 2009

On Thursday night, March 26th, a 25 year-old female bartender working at the Temple Grill in New Haven, CT gave a Mexican busboy a ride home. He attacked her in the car and then drove her to a park in nearby Hamden, where he proceeded to rape her, stab her, stomp on her chest and try to break her neck. She faked being dead and then crawled to a house for help.

The spin started right with Channel 8 in New Haven. Twice they stated that the woman was attacked by a "co-worker", only belatedly mentioning that "officers believe he is in this country illegally".  The officer interviewed by Channel 8 said that the man was in his twenties, from Mexico.

The New Haven Register ran a story on Saturday, with the headline: Woman viciously beaten, raped [by Ann DeMatteo, March 30, 2009]

The Register began its cover-up with its lead sentence:

"A town woman, 25, survived a vicious attack by a co-worker who allegedly tried to snap her neck, stomped on her chest, raped her and left her for dead early Friday in East Rock Park, police said."

For the Register, the attacker was not an immigrant, or, more correctly, a suspected illegal alien. Rather, the attacker was a "co-worker".

Nowhere in the Register's article was the immigration status of the attacker mentioned—even though the police knew he was from Mexico and TV had reported they believe he is the country illegally.

The Register article gave the gory details—"She stated the assailant tried to poke her eyes out with a stick…"  But the paper refused to connect the immigration status of the person with the crime or the possibility that the suspect is illegal.

On Monday, March 30, Channel 8 identified the suspect:

"Jose Angel Moreno-Hernandez, 26, of New Haven, is charged in connection with the attack of the 25-year-old woman."  [Man Accused In Rape, Assault Identified | New Haven Man (sic) Accused In Co-Worker's Assault, March 30, 2009]

As of this writing on Tuesday, a call to the Hamden police did not reveal whether the suspect was definitely in the country legally or illegally.  It would seem that if he were a legal resident he would have a green card or passport, but that does not seem to be the case.

All the other Connecticut newspapers spiked the story. On Monday morning, a search on Google News only reveals three stories posted on the story: Channel 8, the New Haven Register, and NECN out of Boston picking up the Channel 8 story.

Neither the Hartford Courant, Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate, Norwalk Hour, the Yale Daily News, nor the New London Day had an article in their paper as of Monday morning.

On Tuesday morning, the Hartford Courant did have a story—as did the Yale Daily News. (Which is the student paper at Yale.) But the Courant's story was not written by a staff writer but is an Associated Press story.  Apparently, the Courant did not think this story was significant enough to warrant a reporter.

In the webpages of the papers, neither mentioned that the suspect was a possible illegal alien.

On Tuesday, the New Haven Register finally started talking about the resident status of the alleged attacker

"who may be in this country illegally, authorities said…. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is investigating whether Moreno-Hernandez was violating U.S. immigration laws, spokeswoman Paula Grenier said. The man does not hold a city of New Haven resident ID card, according to city spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga."

Well, that's nice to know…if it's true.

But the Connecticut newspapers are inveterate liars, apologists and cheerleaders for the illegal invasion of the United States. If this had been an American citizen beating up an illegal with a ping-pong paddle, it would have been a screaming headline in all the Connecticut newspapers.  Not a word they say on the issue can be trusted. That's why they deliberately left out what is known through television—that the arrested suspect was from Mexico and believed to be an illegal.

It is worth pointing out that a few years ago in my town of Darien, CT, a woman was abducted by two Mexican illegals and then raped.  One was caught in California, brought to trial in Connecticut and is serving a twenty-five year sentence. The other remains in Mexico.  The story has been covered only by the local media.

When it comes to crime committed by immigrants in the state, Connecticut newspapers hear nothing, see nothing and say as little as possible. The result: a sort of "false consciousness" in this bluest of blue states, whereby the native-born citizens have little idea what is being done to them through public policy.

The City of New Haven was the first to give illegal aliens and ID Card for city services. This was directly contrary to federal law which prohibits inducing an illegal alien to enter, reside, or work in the United States.

CT Citizens for Immigration Control, of which I am a cofounder, and the New Haven Community Watchdog Project warned the City of New Haven and its council that sooner or later there would be a murder of an American citizen by an illegal.  When there are an estimated 15,000 illegals living in your city, sooner or later some American citizen is going to be hurt. The number of murders, rapes and car homicides by illegals nationwide makes it impossible for any prudent person to believe that nothing is going to happen in a city that has opened its arms to illegal aliens.

This horrific crime could have been prevented by enforcement of our laws on the border, enforcement of our laws against employment and enforcement of laws against housing illegals. This was a preventable tragedy.

There should be a damage suit in the millions against those who created this treasonous ID Card and its come-hither message to illegal immigrants.  They should be held personally liable. 

The list of defendants is long and it includes Mayor DeStefano, [email him] who led the effort, Kica Matos [email her] of JUNTA for Progressive Action, Michael Wishnie, [email him] Clinical Professor of Law at Yale Law School, the councilmen and women who approved this ID Card, the administrators, the City of New Haven and the Yale Law School.

Professor Wishnie gave cover to the ID Card by declaring that it did not violate federal law because there were not specific statutes prohibiting an ID Card.  This is tantamount to saying that you cannot try a man for murder with a baseball bat, because there are no laws specifying baseball bats. Rather, there are general laws against assault—baseball bats, wrenches and any other devices are covered. The prohibition against inducing illegals to enter and reside in the United States makes obvious the illegitimacy of the New Haven ID Card.

If some of those creating and distributing this card lose their homes and life-savings in these lawsuits, well, it could not happen to a more deserving group of people.

Perhaps Mayor John DeStefano will visit the suspect and sign him up for the New Haven ID Card program, which he allegedly has unaccountably missed.

Paul Streitz (email him) is a co-founder of CT Citizens for Immigration Control, was a Minuteman on the AZ border in 2005, and is the chairman of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee.  He is the author of AMERICA FIRST, Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders.

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